An expanded meeting was held in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation and a number of employees, including former

On Thursday, November 14, a regular meeting was held at the headquarters of the National Cancer Control Foundation to discuss the progress of the Foundation's work and the most prominent developments and challenges it faces.

The meeting was attended via the Zoom platform, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Foundation, Haj Abdul-Waseh Hayel Saeed Anam, and Professor Hani Zahra, head of the former Senior Supporters Committee of the Foundation, as well as Dr. Radhia Al-Madhaji, an early detection radiologist in the Foundation, where they met with a number of employees in the Foundation, including former employees and also new employees who joined the work at the institution.

For his part, Hajj Abdul-Wasaa Hayel Saeed Anam praised the role of the employees and their excellence in performing their work and their humanitarian duty, hoping that they will continue their efforts to confront cancer in our dear country.

During the meeting, the Foundation honored a number of old employees who had a prominent role in the success of the Foundation and its projects, considering at the same time that these employees are an integral part of the Foundation, offering its heartfelt thanks to them for their active, distinguished and continuous positive role.

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